Genuine Review Of Revamin Lash Eyelash treatment Serum

Super Lash Eyelash Growth Serum

What is Revamin Lash?

How Revamin Lash works:

Longer and thicker

Zinc and caffeine contained in the product stimulate the bulbs, which contributes to faster eyelash growth.


Biotin and panthenol have a positive effect on hair structure, making the hair nourished, stronger and thicker.

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Nourished and strengthened

The use of the product will strengthen and nourish weak hair, which is exposed to external factors every day. This is due to the glycerine contained in the product, which nourishes the hair, and sodium hyaluronate, which makes the hair more resistant.

Deeply moisturized

It is very important to keep your skin and hair hydrated. The natural moisture in the product may be due to the urea it contains.

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What is the secret of Revamin Lash?

Repeatedly tested and known for its beneficial effect on the length and density of eyelashes, as well as for its prevention of their falling out.

Conducted in vitro studies prove that the tripedptide molecule supports the proliferation of keratinocytes of the bulb, i.e. the propagation of hair cells. What is more, it helps to optimally anchor the hair by stimulating the synthesis and organization of the adhesion molecules of alpha 5 laminin and collagen IV.

However, a clinical trial with 30 volunteers showed that thanks the use of a product containing Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, the eyelashes were 17% longer and 19% thicker after 30 days.

Revamin Lash Ingredients:

Arginine Proven Benefits :

· Strengths’ the lipid barrier

· Moisturizes the skin and hair

Panthenol Proven Benefits:

· Improve the smoothness of your hair

· Restore the hair structures

· Intensely moisturizes

Glycerine Proven Benefits :

· Regenerates the lashes

· deeply condition the lashes

· Protest against the harmful effects of external factors

Sodium hyaluronate Proven Benefits :

· Improve the condition of lashes

· moisturizes the lashes

· strengthen the bulbs

Urea Proven Benefits :

· Naturally moisturizes

· Act as a mild keralytic agent

· Improves the protective functions of the skin barrier

Is Revamin Lash safe?

How long will it take before I see the effects of using Revamin Lash?

How long will I have to wait for my package to be delivered?

Is international shipping also available?

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Originally published at on May 8, 2021.



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